Refinancing your Mortgage

Refinancing your mortgage is the process of changing your mortgage lending from your existing lender to a new lender.   Refinancing is a common practice for any of these reasons:

You don’t like the lender you are with.
You’ve experienced poor service, problems with staff, or high account fees.

You want to borrow more money but the lender won’t allow it.
Perhaps you want to consolidate debt, borrow to purchase a rental property or a vehicle, or put working capital into a business.

You have ‘outgrown’ your existing lender and want to move forward.
This is common for self-employed people with a growing business, or for investors with an increasing portfolio.

Your lender has asked you to refinance.
You may be in arrears with mortgage repayments or you need to restructure your mortgage.

Refinancing always involves costs such as break fees from the existing lender, solicitors’ fees, valuation charges etc.

At Yes Mortgages, we can outline these costs and find the best new lender to fit your current situation from the 25 or so different lenders available. In most instances, our service is FREE to you.

Generally the benefits of refinancing outweigh the costs involved and sometimes the new lender will help offset some of these charges.

Bear in mind:  Refinancing your mortgage must benefit and add value to YOU.  Let us do the work to find you the best lender for your situation.