Attention Business Owners!


Is your business struggling with cash flow?

Do you need an injection of capital to grow your business further?

Are you having difficulty getting extra funds?


As a Mortgage Broker I can help you by:-

  • Assessing your business position to see if more capital is the answer to grow your business
  • Negotiating with your bank to increase your existing mortgage for the extra funds
  • Finding another lender willing to provide the extra funds
  • Refinancing your existing home mortgage, if required
  • Finding the correct mortgage structure to provide good tax deductions
  • Advising you on lending accounts such as Line of Credit or Revolving Credit facilities that allow penalty-free deposits and withdrawals


Please contact us at YES MORTGAGES to discuss any of these borrowing options for your business.

E: gavin@yesmortgages.co.nz
M: 021 783 266