Why Yes Mortgages?

In the present loan market, most lenders are changing their criteria in regard to what, how much and to whom they lend.  This makes it even more important to use a mortgage broker so you know you are getting the right mortgage and right lender to suit your needs.

I believe every client has a unique borrowing scenario and time needs to be taken with the client to understand and analyse this, so a correct lending plan and structure can be put in place to achieve goals.

In this column, I want to explain briefly the role of the mortgage broker and what I can offer.
The key role of the mortgage broker is to make the whole loan process easier for the client. This is possible because:

*  I can look at all the lending options.
I deal with more than 20 different lenders and work to find the best lender to suit each client’s situation. 

*  I can do all the ‘leg work’ with the lenders.
This saves the client’s time and avoids pitfalls in getting a loan approved.

*  I can negotiate rates, fees, and legal contributions with certain lenders to obtain the best deal for the client.

*   I can meet at a convenient time and place for the client.
This can be in the home or workplace and after hours if need be.

*   I can advise on the best loan structure to suit the client’s need.

And best of all using a broker is a free service.  Now that has to be worth thinking about! 
If you're looking for a mortgage, please give me a call and I can help you though the whole process.